Monday, 24 March 2014

MAC The Obsession

So, I have been totally MIA over these past two months since I started my blog and I'm really not setting a good impression for myself - note to self 'start blogging more'. I have had this post saved in my draft since I came back from Amsterdam in February. I will try my up most to be more regular with my postings

 Over this weekend I have spent my time in Amsterdam and of course purchased two new MAC lipsticks. I felt that to justify this purchase I would do a blog post on a few of my favorite lipsticks in my collection. 

Up The Amp an Amplifed Creme finish, it is a beautiful lavender purple that glides onto the lips and is so moisturising. I feel like this colour looks beautiful paired with a black smokey eye for a bold, gothic statement look. 

Lady Danger a matte finish, a vivid bright coral colour. The perfect lip for a ombre lip using a dark red lip liner such as Brick from MAC on the outer corners and liner and blending in some Lady Danger in the middle to create the appearance of fuller, plumper lips. 

Honey Love another matte finish lipstick. A beautiful dark, brown nude colour that paired with some pinky nude lipgloss makes the perfect nude look that lasts all day or night. 

RiRi Woo a very matte shade from one of Rihanna's previous collections with MAC. Although I love the colour of this lipstick and how matte it transfers onto the lip, it is VERY VERY VERY drying so I only wear it for short periods of time. Also, before I wear it I make sure my lips have been exfoliated and moisturised to the max!!

Creme Cup a creme sheen finish, a light blue undertone pink, very moisturizing to the lips. Probably my most worn MAC lipstick, I have lost count in how many lipsticks I have gone through in this shade! Although it doesn't last for a considerable amount of time, with how beautiful this colour looks when applied, the thought of re application throughout the day really doesn't faze me! 

Myth A light natural nude shade, absolutely beautiful on the lips - glides on like a dream - speechless for this shade!

Rihanna VIVA Glam a satin finish, so so so so so (can I say so one more time, please!) moisturizing lipstick. With a lipglass paired ontop it makes for the perfect creamy, glossy, pigmented pout! 

(Left-right - Up the Amp, RiRi Woo, RiRi Viva Glam, Lady Danger, Honey Love, Creme Cup, Myth)

What are your fave Mac Lipsticks? Any suggestions on my next lip stick purchase?

Monday, 17 February 2014

The 'Pore Off' - Benefit vs Maybeline

I cannot fathom how much hype there has been on the Beauty scene regarding these two products. Claiming to do the exact same thing, minimize pores, just a hefty price different between the two. So, which product will rein victorious I hear you ask...

Benefit Porefessional to start for a pore eraser this product is £24.50 for a product that claims to simply conceal pores and even out skin tone, NOT to pro long makeup wear or control oil e.t.c I feel is a hefty price tag that made me hesitate buying the product. The product is oil free, but as a oily skin girl I feel that it doesn't control my bodies natural oils so I do need to use a mattifying primer over the top, I don't particularly like doing this as I feel it is just more products I am having to put on my skin. I do feel like it conceals my pores and creates a smooth surface for my makeup, it is an excellent product in that respect. I just feel that for its price it should contain more properties to pro long makeup staying power, control oils depending on the skin type and prehaps a bit more than 22ml for £24.50! Although what I'm saying sounds negative I feel it is simply my opinion and constructive criticism to the product, I will be repurchasing when my tube runs on empty! 

Maybeline Baby Skin firstly the hype around this product was phenomenal, baby skin was all I saw on blogs, advertisements, YouTube, magazines and hearing people asking for it in stores around where I live. The arrival of this product in the UK was highly anticipated, and for good reason £7.99 for this pore eraser product which I feel is a more sensible price tag for a product like this. Baby Skin claims to provide a matte finish, hmmmmm debatable Maybeline! As my skin is very, very oily I found that this product had no mattifying properties whatsoever. Personally I did not like the gel formula of the product and unlike the Porefessional could not see a noticeable difference when I applied it onto my pores. 

(Left to right Maybeline Baby Skin, Benefit Porefessional)

I feel that I will be repurchasing the Benefit Porefessional product as I felt it did do a good job at erasing my pores and although I need to wear a mattifying primer over the top it does what it claims to do! The Maybeline Baby Skin I feel like although the price tag is incredible I feel like that Maybeline were slap dash when creating this product and were simply buzzing off the hype that the Baby Lips lip balms created. 

Do you agree? Which one do you prefer?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rihanna for MAC - Viva Glam Collection

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Yet another exciting hyped up collection by the one and only Lady of R&B the gorgeous Rihanna. The signiture Viva Glam collection by MAC all started back in 1994, just a year after I was born! The Viva Glam collections support women, men and children who are affected by AIDS. Over the past 18 years MAC have launched exclusive Viva Glam product lines including Niki Minaj, Dita Von Teese, Lady GaGa and of course Rihanna. Not only are the Viva Glam collections staple pieces in your makeup collection but they are also for a good cause.

Lets talk packaging! - The lipstick comes in a standard Mac shape case, however the velvet matte texture adds a touch of luxury. On the barrel itself the iconic Rihanna for MAC signature is displayed. The lipglass has the Rihanna signiture on the tube and the same matte, velvet red twist top lid. Personally I am so impressed with the packaging of this product compared to Rihanna's previous RiRi MAC products, simply because these products feel more expensive, mature and simple - totally my style!

The products themselves -

  • The Lipstick - The lipstick has a 'frost' finish, which has an excellent colour payoff without being drying on the lips. It glides on with ease and does not cling to the dry skin on the lips. Although the frost finish is not known for being well lasting paired with a red lip liner such as "Brick" from MAC would make the perfect moisturizing red lip! The formula has just enough shimmer in to make this lipstick perfect for those who love the matte look but want something more nourishing. 

  • The Lipglass - As always the formula for the Lipglass is not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips at all. The iridescent particles make this lipstick truly beautiful when the light falls on it or with a flash of a camera. For a better colour payoff again, a lip liner can be worn underneath. This lipglass would look beautiful applied to the centre of the upper and lower lip ontop of the Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick to add definition and to make the lips seem fuller. 

I would highly recommend these products to anyone who wants a less intense red lip than a matte lip. The forumla is highly nourishing and unlike RiRi Woo which I found personally very drying it allows a smooth application without clinging to the dry patches on your lips! Especially in winter when the skin is a lot dryer in general. 

I will defaintely be using these combo for my next staple red lip day or night, will you?